Hosted by Matt Lensink, Energy Radio aims to give you the knowledge, the tools and the power to manage your energy. Matt sits down with guests from all over the Energy Industry to discuss a vast array of subjects. Listen to Energy Radio anywhere podcasts can be heard.

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Episode 035

Energy as a Human Right


Episode 034

Green Energy for the Mining Industry


Episode 033

Energy Management 101


Episode 032

These are "Radicle" Times!


Episode 031

Energy Storage For All Seasons


Episode 030

Hydrogen: "A Future in Energy."



Episode 029

Your Natural Gas Virtual Pipeline


Episode 028

Clean Fuel, Lower Emissions



Episode 027

Connecting Today. Powering Tomorrow.


Episode 026

Shut it Down - Decommissioning the Pickering Nuclear Station


Episode 025

Optimize With Software Technologies!


Episode 024

Energy Management: More Important Than Ever!



Episode 023

Value Staking With Biogas Energy



 Episode 022

Invest In Your Sun


Episode 021

In Business and in Health - Earn Your Shower


 Episode 020

City of Toronto - "A Mission to Lower Emissions"


 Episode 019

Powered-Up by COVID-19


Episode 018

Zinc or swim! A Long Term Energy Solution



 Episode 017

A Diverse Portfolio


Episode 016

Stick your CHP when the sun don't shine!


Episode 015

Electricity, electricty everywhere!



Episode 014

Resilient Energy Solutions in a Post Carbon World


Episode 013

Let The Good Times roll