CEM Blog: Technical Series #2: 5 Trouble Spots to Watch on Your Next CHP Package

As the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) market has matured over the last 30 years, so too have the options for implementing CHP technology. A CHP Owner or Developer now has a multitude of options from which to procure a complete CHP system. Particularly, for small CHP executions (i.e. < 2 MW), there…

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CEM Blog: Management Series #1: Five Lessons I Learned About Hiring

Success in today’s economy for businesses is all about having the right people. The better your people fit your culture and the more talented your people are, the better your company can serve the customer, and the more successful your company will be. The problem is that this truth is widely…

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CEM Blog: Technical Series #1: 4 Ways to Build Your CHP Project

Combined heat and power (CHP) projects can be daunting endeavors with many complex technologies, permits, and stakeholders which can make them challenging for even the most seasoned project management professionals. We have found that choosing the right contracting structure between the owner,…

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