Bryan Harris, Thermal Power Specialist

Bryan is an experienced Mechanical Engineer who has spent the majority of his 30-year career working in the power generation field on projects ranging from 4 MWe to 2,000 MWe. His dedication to his clients his experience working on projects in Africa, the Middle East and the U.K. has given him the reputation of one of the most “experienced mechanical engineers in his field”. Before joining CEM, Bryan worked as a Principal Engineer with Jacobs Engineering Group in the U.K. During his 7-year career with Jacobs, he was involved in the development and construction of numerous power stations across the state of Israel and developed a reputation as one of the leading engineers (client side) in this field. 


Prior to Jacobs, Bryan worked with Rolls-Royce for 11 years as Lead Design Engineer and as a Senior Power Plant Development Engineer, where he provided technical and due diligence support to the company's power projects in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.